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Hilton Handcraft of the Ozarks is a family run and operated business located deep in the heart of the Missouri & Arkansas Ozarks hill country. Absolutely every craft, art and the majority of our other products are hand made by the family and some of our closest relatives and friends. We incorporate woodworking, woodturning, painting, sculpture, polymer clay, fiber and several other crafts into our pieces. Some of our products include specialty wood (woodturning blanks of all sorts, large slabs for tables/benches, thin slices for box makers, and more), gallery woodturned pieces, craft show items, custom furniture (specializing in high-end lodge furniture out of local woods) and production work (woodwork and woodturning) for other companies.

You can be assured that your gift or piece of art is made by real people, with real hands-on skill and time here in the heartland of America. We think that is what makes the difference for you folks. We take our time. Some people think we "take our own sweet time" and that's fine with us! But the results are worth it every single time. Look around and please hollar if there's anything we can do for you.


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Upcoming Events

  • July 19, 2014 - Woodturners of SW Missouri demonstration - Fair Projects
  • September, 2014 - Ozarks Celebration Festival on the Missouri Southern University campus.

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Bowing to increasing demand from our customers and clients along with a real need for more space, we're starting to build a showroom.  It'll house our furniture pieces as well as some of the woodturned art / gallery pieces we make.  Built from the ground up by us and being a traditional-made timberframe, it's going to take some time and lots of sweat but it'll be worth it.


We've been keeping busy lately.  Keeping up with incoming custom orders ... even some still from Christmas ... and trying to prepare for some of the arts, crafts and other events coming up in the Spring.   There are lots of plans for the coming year so stay tuned here for updates on what we're doing.