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Here's the place where I'm putting my notes for woodturning projects. I make so many different kinds of turnings that it's not always easy for me to remember exactly what the dimensions or procedures for making things are. Like many of us woodturners, I have notes stashed all over the place ... some neatly filed in cabinets or drawers or even in drawings here on the computer but also far too many of them just on scrap pieces of paper which I can never find unless I'm looking for something else! So, here's my own solution. I have computers in my woodworking and woodturning shops for lots of other purposes so why not use it for this purpose as well. I can always look up what I need in one convenient place from my own shop or across the world at one of my demonstrations somewhere. And, now, so can you!

Mini Lathe Cabinet Stand Version 2.3  - Very basic stand with in-cabinet storage of the lathe and a couple of drawers. Even has a small space underneath to lay your chisels, etc. while working.

Mini Lathe Cabinet Stand Version 3.1 - Replaces the drawers in the design above with an area to permanently store chisels and even lock them up, if need be, with the top block swinging down over them when the lathe is not on top.

Mini Lathe Cabinet Stand Version 4.4 - Same basic design as the above stands but this time includes some dust collection capabilities.

New Ball and Cup Toy

Basic Stamp Holder Drawing and Instructions

Acorn style Stamp Holder variety

Baby Rattle - Barbell Style

Teachers Bell w/ usable blackboard area

Garden Dibbers - Large, Medium, Small