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Woodworking and Woodturning

Current Projects & News


  • a Wood Division
  • Competition

Here are some thoughts I've had while judging wood & woodturning competitions.

Demo Tips

  • Tips for club
  • demonstrations

Having done MANY public demonstrations over the years, here are some tips for your club.

Hollow Form

  • How to make one
  • on a wood lathe

A step by step photo article on how to make a hollow form with a small opening.


  •  Legs for the
  •  Shavehorse

How I make the tapered leg joints for the shavehorse, stools and fine chairs.


  •  Rake
  •  Scraper

* PDF file. Introducing this specialty woodturning tool.  It's uses and features.

Log Lifter

  • Quick, cheap
  • and easy device

This log lifter helps me lift large sections of logs onto the truck.


  • Easy-Lift
  • your logs.

An upgrade to the Log Lift; it allows easy access to logs in order to cross cut them.


  • Basic Instructions
  • Handout

* PDF file.  Handout instructions on woodturning a peppermill. Method #3 for Duddley type mechanism.


  • Making one from
  • scratch !

Here's the process of making a travisher; from blade to body from scratch.  It's a chair making tool.

Gouge Shapes

  • What gouge is it?
  • Shapes and uses

Incomplete article on the various shapes of gouges and how to compare them.


  • Woodturning
  • The Basics

* PDF file.  Handout for the 5 basic procedures in making a 4-sided inside-out woodturning project.


  • Tool
  • How to Make it

* PDF file.  Handout on how to make a woodturning 3 sided pyramid tool for yourself.

Hook Tool

  • How to Make it
  • From Scratch

* PDF file.  Handout for making this mainly end-grain hollowing tool.  Gives procedures and tips.

Turning Tools 

  • Making Them
  • Heat Treating

* PDF file.  Handout for the demonstration / workshop / class.  Annealing, hardening, tempering.


  • Turning Tools
  • FAQ

* PDF file.  Handout for the demonstration / workshop / class.  Some of the most asked questions

Mini Scorp 

  • Tool uses
  • It does a lot!

A great little tool used for centuries by woodturners around the world. Learn how to use it. 

Turning Big Peppermills


  • Turning Big Ones
  • How to do it.

A classic peppermill grinder but on a bigger scale. Tips, Tricks and more.     Page 1      Page 2 

Drying Wood

  • Basic Principals Chart


Click the picture to enlarge.  Show's the basic principals in drying wood.


  • Turning Projects
  • Notes and Handouts

A place where I put links to my own handouts and links to projects I make, teach and demonstrate.

Captured Ring

Here's a classic 'wow' in woodturning both for turners and other people, too!

Globe Ornament

  • Learn how to turn
  • Warning: Long !


These things look great, sell well, and are a little additive to make. This shows how to make them.

Sharpening Disc 

  • Sharpen and Hone
  • Razor sharp quick!

This is what I use to sharpen and hone my turning tools.  It's quick, easy and better than a grinder.

Tiny Hollowing 

  • Woodturning
  • Small Scale

Hollow turning very small wooden things.  Tools and techniques.       * Incomplete Article *

Diamond Parting Tool 

  • Sharpening


Shows a 'hint' of how to do this task for woodturning. 

Chatter Tool 

  • Make this turning
  • tool yourself

It's a tool to add embelishments to any woodturning.  Learn how to make this tool yourself easily.


  • A Fungus Amongus

Here it is.  The article about wood spalting.  Everything you wanted to know.

Woodturning Projects from Limbwood

Limb Wood Projects

  • Pictorial Article
  • Woodturning


Mushroom (Gnome Home), Natural Edge Goblet, more ...

Small Kaleidoscope

  • Kit Project
  • Pictorial Artical

This is a common kit project.  Take a look at how a friend makes one. Step by Step.

String Steady Rest 

  • Build Guide

Ever turn something THIN?  A string steady will keep it still and not vibrate.

Vacumm Chucking

  • Basic Principals
  • Making chucks


A vacuum chuck opens up a world of opportunities for woodturners.  Learn how to make and use it.

Woodturned Basket

  • Advanced Project
  • Step by step

Here's a turners project for the advanced crowd. Turning and carving combined.

Wooden Skew Gift 

  • What better for
  • a real woodturner

Yes, me and skews.  Everybody that knows me knows that I love my skews.  Here's a project for you.


  • Click picture
  • To see animation


Here's an animation of the steps to hollow wood on a wood lathe.