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There is a long tradition with woodturning tools.  Around 3,000 years old !  While we here at Hilton Handcraft of the Ozarks don't date quite nearly that far back, we do make some very traditional tools for woodturners.

Of course, the tradition is that woodturners would make their own tools for their own special needs.  We don't all make the same things so our tools should reflect that individuality, too.  But, very few turners have the equipment such as a forge or the knowledge and skills to be a tool-maker.  That's where we can help.  Not only are we woodturners, ourselves, but we also have the ability to create tools for you.

Tools for woodturning

Mini Scorp Tool

This is one of those tools that a woodturning master had next to his lathe all of the time. It was the unsung hero and workhorse of generations of turners but is seldom, if ever, seen today.  We've brought it back!

The hardened, polished steel "hook" of this tool is 1.5" long.  The comfortable and strong wooden handle make it 7" long total. Comes with brass ferrule and choice of woods for the handle.

The unique hook design of this scorp is useful for large radius' and very small ones too.  Just adjust how you hold the tool for the radius you're needing to work.

Please specify wood (Ash, Walnut, Cherry) and Left or Right-handed.

Proudly Made in the USA


Price each:  $35.00

1.25" (1 1/4") x 8 TPI Hex Nut

Here's a hex nut that will fit the spindle to the Jet 1642, Powermatic, and several other lathes that need the 1 1/4" x 8 TPI thread size.

You can make your own faceplates, chucks or whatever else you can dream up with these.


Price each:  $9.25

Metal Candlestick Insert

Top off your candlestick turnings with a polished metal insert.  It's classy and functional as well.  Requires a 3/4" wide and 3/8" deep hole.

Price each:  Out of Stock

Diamond Cone File

This is a great little file to sharpen or hone your tools with.  We recommend this diamond file to sharpen the hook tools above.  We also use it to hone the inside flutes of most of our woodturning tools.

Price each:  $10.00

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Price each:  $.00

Hook Tools

Hook Tool - For Modern lathe

The hooks on these tools are generally a bit larger than on the traditional ones and angled a bit differently too.

Choose a standard size below or let us know what size you need.

Proudly Made in the USA

Watch Hook Tool usage video at YouTube

3/8" x 12" long - Unhandled:  $55.00

1/2" x 16" long - Unhandled:  $65.00

Small Woodturning Hook Inserts

Made to fit into all of the popular swivel-tip hollowing tools. Replace those scrapers with these and watch the shavings fly!

Proudly Made in the USA

1/4" diameter shaft:  $8.00

5/16" diameter shaft: $15.00

WTA-HT - Traditional
Hook Tool for Traditional Lathe

Specially designed for the pole, bow or treadle turner in mind by our very own bodger here.  Generally smaller, thinner hooks than the modern ones so you can easily slice through the wood under your own power.

Comes as a set (as pictured) or individually.  The hook portion of the tool is polished but the rest of the shaft looks like an old-tyme tool.

Lots of sizes and types listed below but we will work with you to create the perfect hook tool for your needs.

Proudly Made in the USA

Watch Hook Tool usage video at YouTube

Inside/Outside set - 3/8" x 18" - Unhandled:  $110.00

Inside/Outside set - 1/2" x 24" - Unhandled:  $130.00

Inside Only - 3/8" x 18" - Unhandled:  $55.00

Inside Only - 1/2" x 24" - Unhandled:  $65.00

Outside Only - 3/8" x 18" - Unhandled:  $60.00

Outside Only - 1/2" x 24" - Unhandled:  $70.00