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We here at Hilton Handcraft of the Ozarks get a chance to see a wide range of other craftspeople, artisans, entertainers, re-enactors and historians due to our many public events throughout the year.  It's one of the best parts of our work!  Because of this, we learn, and are able to teach to others, about all sorts of historical items.  Below, you'll see a few of the items we're able to include in our catalog.

One of the most fun categories are the games.  Everybody loves games and we're not exception.  The games we have now, in our comtemporary lives, are often developed from the games of the past.  It's really a fascinating thing to see the progression from these earlier games and the games we have today.  Below, you'll see a few of the games we make ourselves and offer to you.

As traditional woodworkers and artisans ourselves, we use a wide variety of tools that are deeply seated in the past.  Hand-made furniture, games, art and even the tools we use require us to, often, make our own tools.  Below are a few of the period tools we make for ourselves and we offer them to you, too.

Games & Period Miscellaneous

Bilbo (Cup & Ball)

A great solo game to test your skills and eyesight!  A historical game very popular in the 17-18th Century.

Price each:  $8.00

The 'General Grant'

So called because the civil war general, General Grant, loved this game and even took it into battle with him. Comes with authentic, handmade clay marbles! A historical game very popular in the 17th - 18th centuries.

Price each:  $20.00

Fox and Geese

This game can be played either with an opponent or as a solitaire (solo) game. One fox, several geese. May the best survive! A fantastic strategy game.

Price each:  $15.00

Applecore-style Wooden Spool

3" tall. Made on the lathe one at a time. Varnished and stained to give it that aged and authentic period look.

Price each:  $10.00

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Price each:  $.00

Woodworking Tools

MAL-A3 or MAL-O2
Carving Mallets

Made from locally grown hardwoods, mainly ash or Osage Orange (also called Hedge or Bois D'arc), these were designed and developed by a master carver friend of ours. Now we're offering them to the public!  Area carvers are particularly fond of our Osage Orange mallets for their beauty, uniqueness and exceptional working characteristics. Try one yourself today!

Custom sizes / weights are no problem. Just let us know what you want.


Price each for MAL-A3 (Ash):  $15.00

Price each for MAL-O2 (Osage Orange):  $20.00

Cabinet Scraper Holder


If you work with cabinet scrapers to do anything more than the lightest work, this is the tool for you!

The cabinet scraper is superior to sanding in removing glue, paint, machine marks and to do smoothing.  It gives a fantastic surface ready to finish in a fraction of the time it takes to sand with abrasives.  It also gives a true glowing quality to the wood that can't be achieved with sandpaper.

The problem with scrapers has been the hand fatique associated with bending the scraper at the right angle to get the most effective cut.  This holder jig for the cabinet scraper comes to the rescue!  Let it do that job for you and make scraping a joy to use.

These holders are hand-made, by us, one at a time.  We generally make two different sizes for the two most common sizes of scrapers.  The smaller one will hold one up to 4-3/4" long and the larger will accomodate a scraper up to 6" long.  If you have different needs, just let us know and we can make one up to fit what you have.

As you can see to the left, these will even hold the non-rectangular ones as well!


Price each for holder only:  $25.00

Price each for holder & scraper: $35.00